How To Remove Skin Tags

Skin tags, referred to as acrochordons in medical terminology, appear in the form of soft fleshy over growths, and more often than not, are benign . They do, however, present a cosmetic problem to most people, and this, by far, is the most commonly cited reason when it comes to removing skin tags. If you, like many others, want to know how to remove skin tags, reading on is in your best interest.

What are Skin Tags?

Before finding ohow to remove skin tagsut how to remove skin tags, knowing a little about them will surely help. Most skin tags are benign, that is, they are not harmful and they have no role to play in the body’s functioning. These cell over growths, in a number of instances, fall off on their own with the passing of time. Skin tags, however,  should not be confused with cancerous lesions, as any kind of a cancerous growth needs immediate medical assistance. Skin tags can appear in different parts of the body, ranging from the face, neck, armpits, chest, back, the genital area. Areas most prone to getting skin tags are around skin folds, where skin is frequently rubbed, and thereby, irritated.

Who is Prone to Getting Skin Tags?

Finding skin tags on healthy people is not uncommon, and it has been noticed that around 60% of all people suffer from skin tags in varying severity by the time they get to middle age. Increased hormone production, as seen during pregnancy, can also increase their appearance and their presence is also associated with diabetes and obesity.

How to Remove Skin Tags?

Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal™
People who want their skin tags removed might want to do so either because they don’t like how they look or because they cause irritation when touched or rubbed. I took some time to find out just what can help when it comes to removing skin tags in an effective manner and this is essentially what I found out.

Visiting a Doctor

A number of people favor visiting a doctor to get rid of skin tags, and doctors can turn to different methods in accomplishing the same.

Available skin tag removal procedures:

  • electrical cauterization (burning)
  • cryotherapy (freezing)

All these methods are quite quick and easy. A doctor would typically numb the area in question first using some kind of an anesthetic, and would take due care to prevent any kind of infection. When removed by a doctor, the resultant wound should take about 24 hours to heal.

Restricting Blood Supply

Restricting supply of blood to the skin tag gets it to dry and fall off on its own after a few days and this is something that’s suggested by a few doctors as well. This method, commonly referred to as the ‘ligation’ method,requires that you tie string at the base of the skin tag, thereby cutting of its blood supply.The string needs to be tied tightly, wherein you should be able to feel it cutting into your skin, as this helps stop the flow of blood. In a few days the skin tag dries and falls off. This skin tag removal procedure, can be painful and uncomfortable.

Turning to Bloodroot

Bloodroot, or Sanguinaria Canadensis, is a plant that is native to North America and its extracts have been used to treat moles and skin cancer across the world. Bloodroot can be found in the form of powder and paste, commonly available in health food stores and needs to be applied directly onto the affected area. When used to remove skin tags, Bloodroot application helps dissolve them by working along with the body’s defense mechanism,making it a safe and painless alternative.

Other Home Treatments

removing skin tagsSome people turn to applying clear nail polish onto skin tags to try and dry them, and this method works in isolated instances. Some people numb their skin tags with ice, and then use scissors, blades, or nail clippers, to cut them off. This however,  can lead to infection as well as uncontrolled bleeding, and this is why surgical removal of skin tags at home is definitely not recommended.


I’ve established is that turning to Bloodroot is on of the best bet you have when it comes to removing your skin tags, however there are other natural 100% safe methods what doesnt require surgery and doesnt cost any money. Click here if you want to learn how to get rid of skin tags naturally. Please keep in mind that although skin tags are harmless, if you try to remove them on your own without really knowing how, you may be in for trouble.

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