Laser Mole Removal Cost

A Genuine Overview Of Laser Mole Removal Cost

Laser mole removal cost

Moles (nevus) are very unappealing clusters of melanocytes or pigment cells, which worsen when exposed to ultraviolent rays. With this being said, many people have moles that are hidden from view and do not interfere with their self-esteem.

Then you have those that have multiple moles scattered throughout the face, neck, arms, and chest area. There are many different treatment options available that are very effective, but none as effective as laser therapy. Below, you will discover an overview of laser mole removal cost and much more.

Pain-Free Method

One of the greatest benefits of laser therapy is it is virtually pain-free. This cannot be said about the mole excision procedure, which requires local lidocaine injections to numb the affected area. The skin on the face, chest, and neck is very sensitive and the injections can be very painful, almost intolerable. It is important to note that in some severe cases, the dermatologist may have to use local anesthetics to numb the skin, but this is usually done with topical lidocaine.

No Preparation

The patient does not have to prep, before the scheduled appointment. This is also a huge plus for those individuals that have a very busy schedule. As mentioned above, if an anesthetic is required, the dermatologist will apply it 30-60 minutes, before the procedure begins. The laser produces a very intense light beam of energy, which is capable of heating up the mole and breaking it down.

No Risks of Bleeding

One of the risks that patients face when opting the surgical mole treatment is bleeding. Well, this is not the case with laser therapy, since the laser’s beams will seal the blood vessels, during the process. The laser takes the place of a cautery machine, which is utilized during all surgical procedures.

Timely Process

Laser therapy is virtually a very timely process, since the dermatologist does not need to extensively prep the skin prior to rendering treatment. This definitely makes the entire process more favorable for everyone, plus you should be released to return home within 1-2 hours after arriving to the clinic.

Speedy Healing Process

After the laser mole removal therapy is completed, you will not have to endure a lengthy healing process. While you may notice a small scab forming, where the mole once was this is normal and you should never pick it. Petroleum jelly can be applied to the affected area, but site should be completely healed within 7-10 days.


Although everyone that has unappealing moles on their skin would love to have laser therapy, the costs can make this option out of reach for most.
The laser mole removal cost can vary based on the severity of your condition. You should expect to receive a very high invoice from your dermatologist at the completion of the treatment. Although the prices can vary substantially, it is possible for them to reach well into the $2,000 or $3,000 range. With this in mind, this solution is typically out of question for the majority of consumers. There are other alternatives what are not even close to the laser mole removal cost…


There are other treatment options out there that are very effective, painless, natural, and absolutely free. If you do not have healthcare insurance or an extensive bank account, you should definitely take the time to explore these great alternatives. To learn more about these options, please click here.


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